Marcos Paz, Buenos Aires, September 23, 2010

Dear friends and colleagues,

Sadly enough yesterday September 22nd marked one year of my imprisonment. I really feel that one year ago I was “kidnapped” by an unfair and blind justice system. Time passes very slowly while in this undeserved captivity.
We are now waiting expectantly for a favorable ruling from the Appeals Court of Buenos Aires, in the hope that these Judges will overturn the senseless indictment of Judge Torres.
In the meantime I have received the excellent news of the creation of the Foundation to help seek JUSTICE in my case. I am very grateful to Dirk, Arjan, Leonore and many others for their tremendous efforts and continuous support. Also Dr. Knoops has offered to undertake my defense in the Netherlands exposing by all legal means this terrible injustice.
With the help of my beloved family and all of you I am more determined than ever to prove my innocence, recover my freedom and finally clean my name and reputation.
We are sure that JUSTICE will prevail.

Kind regards,