Marcos Paz, Buenos Aires, Monday November 1st, 2010

Dear Friends and Visitors of the Foundation Website,

After a long and expectant wait of more than 3 months, last week we received a favorable ruling from the Court of Appeals (Cámara Federal de Apelaciones) of Buenos Aires.

The complete resolution is available – in Spanish – at the website of the “Centro de Informaciones Judiciales” C.I. J. at .

This was the first time in which other judges performed a thorough analysis of my case. They determined the nullification of the indictment ordered by the previous judge based on all the evidence presented, including my complete records and flight logbooks of the Navy, my personal diary, and the declarations of witnesses (among them the testimonies of my former squadron commanding officers).

Now we have to remain positive and optimistic, hoping I can recover my freedom very soon and return to my family. I wish to thank all of you who believed in my innocence, who never doubted me and who have supported us through this difficult and unfair time. I am very grateful for all your messages and letters, showing your love and solidarity. Thank you for keeping my family and me in your thoughts and in your prayers. All this has helped to make us stronger, and is helping us to obtain the JUSTICE we are seeking. As you all already know I will not rest until I recover my FREEDOM and clear my name and reputation.

Muchas gracias!