Buenos Aires, 30/12/2010

Dear friends and visitors of the Foundation website,

Finally FREE!!! Our emotions and feelings are running high. It feels wonderful to be once again a free man, specially when you know that I shouldn’t have spent even one day in prison, and certaintly not these last 15 months! The favorable and positive reactions have been overwhelming. This is a great way to end this year and begin 2011 full of hope for Justice.

Last weekend I had prepared a message to you all from my cell at the prison of Marcos Paz. On Monday my lawyer came with de good news of my provisional freedom while my family was visiting me. I had already prepared myself for a long and hot summer behind bars. Now I can breathe once again and most importantly see my family every day. We will receive the New Year all together.

Although this is just a provisional step it indicates what we have proclaimed all along, that I am completely innocent and have been wrongly accused. In their resolution last October 28th, the Court of Appeals of Buenos Aires (Camara Federal de Apelaciones) had declared the annullment of the indictement made by Judge Torres against me. For this reason the 615 victims had been removed, as well as cancelling the punitive embargo of 120 million euros.

The Court also considered that the testimonies of the witnesses (all dutch) should be taken once again. For several reasons it was not possible to arrange the testimonies by videoconference as suggested by them. Now those testimonies will be taken next month in The Netherlands which should assure a better process because:
a) It will take place in a Dutch court and before a Dutch judge.
b) My defense lawyers -Dr. Ibanez and Dr. Knoops- will be present and able to ask questions.
c) The testimonies of all the witnesses will be given the same importance and consideration (12 in total).
d) There will not be any pressure or influence from any argentinean judgeor functionary.

According to the planned schedule, the testimonies must be completed by the end of January. This is the opportunity for all the witnesses to be honest and tell the truth (and not what they “think” I said, and certaintly to avoid jumping to conclusions or making “deductions” to which they arrived 3 years later).

Thank you all again for your letters and hundreds of messages. They have helped me enormously thru this hard period in prison. Sorry that I can not answer each one personnally. Thanks for sharing with me your concerns and your hopes.

Thank you for your interest in my case. I am specially grateful to all those who have made the Foundation for Julio Poch possible. Thank you for your kind donations. Justice will be prevail! My best wishes for a healhty and peaceful year 2011 with plenty of Love and freedom for all.