Dear Sir,

Thank you for your answer. (noot from FJJP: we asked permission to publish) I cannot believe that this gentleman has spent so many months behind bars, as it was clear from the beginning that he was not concerned. (flying an A4Q ?)

And even if he felt sympathetic towards his other colleagues of the time, doing those infamous flights, there is no need for him to even apologize , as so far if I remember we still have the liberty of thought.

I might have my political ideas about plenty of things : should I be removed from my cockpit for some of those, should I express them in a private dinner, and not on the public adress of the aircraft ?

I used to be posted in a nuclear squadron in my country, ready to flatten whole Soviet cities with 60 times Hiroshima. Maybe within 10 years – I will still be in the airlines, just approaching retirement like Capt Poch – nuclear weapons will have been banned all over the world, and then a young F/O in my company will find unadmissible that I ever considered obeying my orders and taking off for the apocalypse, and then he will report me and will try to have me sacked from my Captain job, thus getting revenge from somebody he morally disagrees with ?

Even father, you can imagine a Russian 777 Captain in a private dinner, and then in the discussion WWII comes on the menu, and then he gets irritated about comments by ignorant people about his country history, and then after a couple of vodkas he says “anyway, Staline was right in being a ruthless leader, and he did deport and starve millions of his people for the ultimate good of the Soviet union, thus ensuring Victory, and so on….” Would you consider, even if you were a young F/O with not so much knowledge of history, that he deserves to be removed from his cockpit and eventually jailed ?

But political correctness has become now the new dictatorship of thoughts… so I will conclude by remembering all our colleagues that yes, as often said, politics are better left out of the cockpit – and that includes now outside dinners in layover ! Remember those two cremember, pilot and flight attendant, who in the US lost their job because out of duty, during days off, they came back from a party, stopped their car on the roadside, and went in the forest to find a peaceful spot  to do… what you imagine. Police saw their car, stopped, searched the bushes, discovered them, had a look at their ID and discovered their occupation, reported them to their company and so they were sacked ?

We have very vulnerable positions as crew members….

Pardon the long post, but I’m in layover in Kuala Lumpur in the hotel, quite available to write this.

Thank you for asking permission to put those letters in your forum, I appreciate you asked, and yes you can.

My comments about civilian pilots in the previous posts of course don’t concern all of them, but just the few percents who feeling so jealous about ex-military pilots, will do anything possible to hurt them.

Many regards and happy new Year.

Jacques  GOJON