Buenos Aires, 24/02/2011

Dear Friends, Colleagues and Visitors of our site,
Many of you have asked me for more information about my situation and therefore here’s an update. From the beginning we have been trying to reconstruct the chain of events leading to my unnecessary, unfair and treacherous arrest in Spain. I have recently finished reading and analyzing all the declarations taken in The Hague last month. It’s sad to see once again how certain persons can lie outrageously and accuse someone without thinking of the consequences. Now those who pointed their finger at me so viciously are trying to shift the blame onto others, by acting themselves as victims. They say they would even like to drink a beer with me! But unfortunately it is much too late for that. They should have thought of getting together years ago. Then any misunderstandings would or could have been cleared up. At present they try to continue with their lies and fantasies, completely full of contradictions and also totally different from their initial testimonies to Judge Torres in December 2008, thereby clearly incurring in false testimony. I find it alarming that these so called “witnesses” are mixing everything up, even confusing the war against terrorism carried out by the argentine military in 1975 with the Falklands (Malvinas) conflict with Great Britain in 1982. It only shows their total ignorance regarding the history of another country. They never paused to consider that they might be jumping to the wrong conclusions. It is evident they never had any intention of finding out the truth, nor did they ever have the intention of giving me -a colleague, then in 2003,  of 15 years in the same company- the benefit of the doubt.
I know this all sounds very harsh but luckily the truth has prevailed. There was clearly no “confession” since I had nothing to confess! This has been proven by these recent declarations. My lawyers Mr. Gerardo Ibañez and Mr. Alexander Knoops were very satisfied with the proceedings in The Netherlands. All this, together with the fact that we were able to prove in Argentina that I was not involved in any way, nor in any role, in the so called “death flights”, (thanks to my flight logbooks, my personal diary and all my Navy records), give us plenty of reason to be optimistic and expect a positive resolution by Judge Torres very soon. The delay was caused by the need to translate to Spanish more than 120 hours of declarations made in the Dutch language.
Thanks to all of you who have asked about my health. I am feeling very well, trying to recover from this terrible experience. One of the things I learned during my inprisonment is to be very patient. In the meantime I’m making the most of my freedom, very happy to have my wife with me, being surrounded by very good friends. And recently some dutch friends have come to visit us from The Netherlands. This period can be seen as a “forced vacation” in Argentina where we can enjoy the warm summer weather. I have gained almost 3 kilos since I was liberated thanks to the good food and excellent cooking of my wife. Now my daughter, my son-in-law and my granddaughter are also with us. You can see Emma (9 months) in the picture.

Hopefully in my next message I can give you the good news of my aquittal.

Best regards, Julio