Buenos Aires, April 2011

Dear Friends and Colleagues,

As most of you know, since the hearings in The Hague last January, where 12 dutch colleagues testified as witnesses in my case, we have been waiting impatiently to hear some news from the Argentine justice.

Many have questioned the procedure used by Judge Torres. In synthesis, he came to the conclusion that obtaining the testimonies by videoconference -as the judges of the Camara Federal had ordered- was impossible (the videoconference sessions had been arranged in Madrid but the witnesses TW and ERB refused to go). So  instead it was decided to request international assistance from one justice department to the other. It is also false that the Argentine justice lacked the funds to pay for the airfare to Buenos Aires of the witnesses. The idea was to carry out the hearings in the fastest and most simple way possible. Judge Torres never had any intention or the need to be present at the hearings. As a matter of fact, he has never been present at any of my testimonies in Buenos Aires either!

As you can imagine the 120 plus hours of testimonies in Dutch resulted in a tremendous task for the official translater to the Spanish language. Finally, last week, after more than 10 weeks she was finished and we received a copy for our own control of the translations. We were satisfied that the declarations in Spanish are correct and accurate. And as you can imagine since January, we also had the time with our lawyers to analyze all the testimonies. We have now presented a document pointing out all the lies and contradictions of TW, ERB, and also, Chris Duijker. More importantly, these declarations clearly show that there never was any “confession” nor have I ever mentioned my involvement in any crimes. Therefore we are very optimistic that as soon as Judge Torres and his team process all the information received, he will have no other alternative than to grant my acquittal. In the meantime we have to be patient. Even though I am still not allowed to leave the country, I value every minute of my freedom. This gives me the possibility to enjoy once again what should never have been taken away from me. And to be communicating again with all of you. I want to repeat how grateful I am, and say thank you thru this page. Many of you have written to me at japoch@planet.nl. My intention is to give everyone a personal answer to your messages. Thank you so much for believing in my innocence, I’m so grateful for your support for my family and me. I am forever in debt to those colleagues who were not afraid to tell the truth and testified in my favor. The month of May is quickly approaching, I realize then how long this ordeal has been. My grandaughters Cristina and Emma are going to celebrate very soon their first birthday in The Netherlands while we continue waiting here in Argentina for some justice to allow me to return home to my family.