Marcos Paz, June 2011

June 19th, 2011

Dear Friends and Colleagues:

All hope of JUSTICE has been shattered to pieces by the absurd indictment issued by judge Torres last june 9th!.
It is clearly a political decision to continue accusing me regardles of the proof of my innocence.
I am still trying to recover from the shock of this unfair indictment. Just when we were expecting impatiently a favorable resolution to this nightmare that would allow me to return home to my family, he orders my arrest once again!
In a painfully confusing presentation of 1135 pages, he proceeds to grant my acquittal in 574 cases of the 615 that he had arbitrarily accused me of last year, thus leaving 41 “victims” to my name, without any concrete evidence linking me to any of them. Mind you, my international arrest and extradition from Spain to Argentina was based on invented crimes against 615 persons which Torres has now “corrected” and reduced to 41. This ambiguous selection is also false. I will not get tired of proclaiming loud and clear that I never took part in any “death flights”, nor did I ever say I did .
And this has been clearly established with the help of the declarations taken in the Netherlands last january. The testimonies of de Transavia pilots showed how a “misunderstanding” took place al Bali in 2003, and how it later became an outrageous witchhunt against me thanks to the actions of Jeroen Engelkes.
There is nothing new in this indictment except that a “new witness, the dutch copilot Chris Duiker, testified he was also al de Bali dinner and confirmed he never heard me say that I was personally involved.
Then Torres tries to make a congratulations note from the then Chief of Naval Operations sound suspicions. But what is really surprising is that he did not request the Navy for enlightment or information of the reasons for the note. As far as I can remember 33 years later, that was a naval commission that took place in the city of Bahia Blanca during the month of May 1978. It had absolutely nothing to do with the ESMA or any death flights. I kept flying the Skyhawk A4Q before, during and after that commission.
Regarding my flying experience at the time, the judge continues to insist I had the capability to be pilot or copilot of transport aircraft, and if not, for sure a crewmember!
For example, the judge finds my instruction and training as copilot B-747 by Aerolineas Argentinas in 1981 ( consisting of a theoretical aircraft course in February, Flight Simulator B-747 in London, England in March and aircraft training with my typerating on April 10th) just – and I quote from the indictment- “ a course related more with “legally” obtaining the habilitation to pilot said aircraft, then to obtain his capacitation, as if he had never been on a transport aircraft; because as it has been exposed in this resolution, it has been established that prior this date he boarded a transport aircraft”.
According to Torres I might be guilty. He makes no concrete link between the 41 cases and me. Of these, 12 cases are the same ones suspected to have been on a flight of a Coastguard Skyvan in Dec. 77 for which 3 Coastguard pilots were arrested last month. And another case took place when I was out of the country in the USA.
Of course we have appealed this senseless decision which constitutes a clear case of political persecution.
Believe me, I am extremely tired of this situation, all the useless time and effort lost, all the pain and suffering needlessly caused to my dear family. But I will not be silenced!. Hopefully the judges of the Camara Federal will react in the same clear terms they did last year based on the evidence that:

a) There was never any “confession”
b) An infounded “suspicion” is not enough to accuse someone of a crime.

In the meantime I will try to stay strong and to remain healthy.
Your support and reactions mean so much to me. I will continue asking for your help until we can overcome this terrible situation.
Keep us in your minds and in your prayers. Thank you.