RNW 10/06/2011

Dutch pilot back in prison in Argentina

The Dutch-Argentinian pilot Julio Poch is back in prison in Argentina. His Dutch lawyer Geert Jan Knoops on Friday criticised the decision taken by the judge in Buenos Aires, calling it “unbelievable”.

Mr Poch is suspected of involvement in ‘death flights’ in Argentina in the 1970s. During the regime of Jorge Videla, political opponents were drugged and thrown out of planes into the sea while they were still alive.

In 2009, he was arrested in Spain just before take-off on his last flight as a commercial pilot for the Dutch Transavia airline. Spain extradited him to Argentina. He was released on bail earlier this year.

His case came to light after he allegedly boasted to Transavia colleagues about his part in the death flights. His colleagues took the matter to the police.


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