The Petronius Mystery, Geert-Jan Knoops

New Legal Thriller: The Petronius Mystery

24|01|2012Het Petronius MysterieIn February 2012, Geert-Jan Knoops’ new legal thriller will be published: Het Petronius Mysterie (The Petronius Mystery). In April 2010, a serious accident occurs at a Petronius van Benson Oil Productions (BOP) oil platform in the Gulf of Mexico. Eleven employees are killed and a huge leak results in millions of litres of oil being spilled into the Gulf. The damage to the environment and the economy is immense. New Orleans, still recovering from Hurricane Katrina, is hit particularly hard. BOP oil company share prices plummet and the government establishes a relief fund of millions of dollars for the victims.

The investigation into the disaster reveals that safety standards and regulations had not been complied with. The foreman of the oil platform, Jay Nolan, is arrested and convicted of gross negligence. Nolan, however, is not willing to accept this outcome. He writes a letter to the Innocence Project of Professor Walter ‘Wiz’ Griffiths in which he asks the project to investigate if there has been a miscarriage of justice in his case.

Griffiths asks lawyer Matthew Baldwin to assist him in what he considers to be a special case. Their investigation reveals that Nolan is a victim of a sinister game and they are faced with the virtually impossible task of proving Nolan’s innocence.