Foundation Justice for Julio Poch
Registered in Schiedam, the Netherlands
KvK 50906518
Founded on the 23rd of September 2010
Bank Account: ABN-AMRO
IBAN: NL47ABNA0499415078


  • Our primary goal is to support judicial efforts to seek Justice in the case of Julio Poch.
  • The secondary goal of the Foundation is to make contact with the media in order to stimulate news and to help ensure that the news is sufficiently balanced and based on the facts. We are motivated to do this because we are convinced that everyone should be treated as innocent until proven otherwise.

Policy plan

  • Ensure our goals receive attention. Generate income through donations and by requesting grants from appropriate institutions.
  • The foundation shall act as co-ordinator between the family, lawyers, other foundations/action committees ¬†and other interested parties.
  • The foundation shall provide information to those interested and will aim to make use of modern channels and forms of communication.

The income/assets of the Foundation shall be formed through:

  • donations
  • grants
  • any other form of assets/income

Activity plan

  • request grants
  • maintain contacts with the media
  • create and maintain a public website with factual information on the case of Julio Poch

Dirk Lokhorst, Chairman
Leonore Brons, Secretary / Treasurer
Arjan Dros, General member