letter from Gerardo Ibáñez

October 2012 Dear all, we have repeatedly talked about the pressures that judges in Argentina receive from the Government, but you will agree with me that sometimes it is difficult to explain this to the Dutch because it is necessary to find specific examples and then relate them to these trials for alleged violations of … Read more


Dear Sir, Thank you for your answer. (noot from FJJP: we asked permission to publish) I cannot believe that this gentleman has spent so many months behind bars, as it was clear from the beginning that he was not concerned. (flying an A4Q ?) And even if he felt sympathetic towards his other colleagues of … Read more


Sir, I read the story of Capt Poch with much interest, and I’m therefore extremely happy of the fortunate ending which occured so recently. It’s for me a very interesting confirmation, of what I have noticed for many years, the way a civilian airlines works… A First Officer, with a little administrative position in the … Read more