Poch as a guinea pig

Source Cariokaal blogspot.com 16/11/2011 Posted by Kieran Kaal at 8:55 PM There is an exuberant ambience at the Federal Courthouse in Buenos Aires. It is brilliant spring weather, weekend is approaching and the front pages of the local newspapers trumpet loudly that a few junta henchmen have received life sentences. I have come to talk … Read more

RNW 10/06/2011

Dutch pilot back in prison in Argentina The Dutch-Argentinian pilot Julio Poch is back in prison in Argentina. His Dutch lawyer Geert Jan Knoops on Friday criticised the decision taken by the judge in Buenos Aires, calling it “unbelievable”. Mr Poch is suspected of involvement in ‘death flights’ in Argentina in the 1970s. During the … Read more

Justice at last or reneging on amnesty?

Mr. Kirchner’s wife, Cristina Kirchner, succeeded her husband in 2007, continuing a push for dirty-war prosecution. But opposition to the trials appears to be growing as the political popularity of the Kirchners falls. “It’s totally political,” says Angel Cesar Maroni, a stock and commodities trader. “This wouldn’t have happened without the government.” He does not … Read more

Buenos Aires Herald 27/12/2010

Federal Court orders the release of Julio Poch A Federal Court today ordered the release of Dutch-Argentine airline pilot Julio Alberto Poch accused of running “death flights” to dump political prisoners at sea under the last military government 30 years ago. Judge Sergio Torres was ordered to deepen the investigation and furthermore decide over the … Read more

Radio Netherlands Worldwide 01/11/2010

‘Death flight’ pilot about to be released AD interviews the wife of Julio Poch, who stands accused of taking part in Argentina’s death flights between 1976 and 1982. During the ‘dirty war’, opponents of Argentina’s junta were thrown alive from airplanes above the sea to their deaths. Julio Poch is accused of being involved in … Read more

Deaths in prison

The Judiciary must act to deal with the damage to the health of those indicted for so-called crimes against humanity in jail Monday October 18, 2010 | Published in La Nacion With no official information available various organizations have made known the death of 118 persons deprived of their liberty, most of them in ordinary … Read more

Momento24 29/05/2010

Julio Poch denied involvement in “death flights” Former naval aviator was denounced by his own comrades, who heard him confess his crimes, in a Netherlands. Julio Alberto Poch denied having participated in the “death flights” from which alive political prisoners, held captive at  School of Naval Mechanics (ESMA), were thrown alive to the sea during … Read more