Julio Poch

Exactly one year and one day after the arrest of Julio Poch. The Foundation Justice for Julio Poch (F.J.J.P) was founded to expedite and facilitate justice in the case of Julio Poch.

Julio formerly a Captain at Transavia was to make his last flight before going on his pension. His wife and son accompanied him during his final flight for Transavia to Spain. What was planned to be a special occasion turned into the arrest of Julio. He was hand-cuffed in front of the camera’s and his name and address published by the media for the whole world to see.

That is how Julio’s trial or rather ordeal was started. Without a shred of evidence that he ever took part in the so-called “death-flights” (Spanish: vuelos de la muerte) . Wednesday 22 September 2010 marks the day that Julio will have been detained for one year. In our view this has been done without balanced consideration of the rights and interests of the relevant parties. His detention may continue for years to come.

Our point of view is that there needs to be an intervention when people are being robbed of their freedom without sufficient evidence. Everyone should be considered not guilty until proven guilty. Julio Poch should be no exception.

Currently his legal representative is Prof. dr. G.G.J. Knoops. Professor Knoops is convinced that a reasonable Judge should not be willing to bring to trial a person on the basis of the evidence currently available. Professor Knoops is prepared to utilize all legal ways and means to free Julio Poch.

As stated elsewhere on this site. The aim of this Foundation is to support all activities to expedite the truth in the case of Julio.

We aim to promote, display and desseminate factual reporting of this case.

We shall publish on this site progress in the case Julio Poch.

To be able to effectively support Julio we need your financial support.

Help us to ensure and afford a fair trial for Julio.

Help Julio!

We appreciate any and all forms of support.

If you would like to contribute. The banking details are as follows:
Bank: ABN-AMRO The Hague, the Netherlands
Account number:
Account Name: F.J.J.P. (Foundation Justice for Julio Poch)
IBAN NL47ABNA0499415078

Thank you in advance,

Dirk Lokhorst, Leonore Brons