curriculum vitae

20 Feb 1952
Born in Buenos Aires, Argentina

Primary School in New York, USA, due to his father’s work

High School, Colegio Nacional de Buenos Aires

Jan 1969
Enters Argentine Naval Academy (Escuela Naval Militar)

31 Dec 1972
After 4 years graduates as Navy Officer Guardiamarina (Midshipman)

Training as Naval Aviator (Escuela de Aviación Naval)
Graduates 1st of his class with gold medal. Chooses fighter and attack aircraft.

Jun 1975
Marries his present wife in Buenos Aires.

When General Videla overthrows the government of Isabel Perón on March 24, he is already flying at 1a Escuadrilla Aeronaval de Ataque the 2 seater jet Aermacchi MB-326.

In February transferred to the 3a Escuadrilla Aeronaval de Caza y Ataque at Base Aeronaval Comandante Espora (BACE) with single seat fighter bomber Skyhawk A4Q.
March-October: Commissioned to US Navy in Texas, USA for conversion training on the Skyhawk TA-4J of VT-22 at Kingsville, Texas.
October: Receives his US Naval Aviator diploma and wings.
November: Returns to the 3a de Ataque, Skyhawk A4Q.

Always in the 3a Escuadrilla Aeronaval de Caza y Ataque, Skyhawk A4Q, based at BACE and the aircraft carrier “25 de Mayo”.

1 Dec 1980
Retires from the Navy on own request as “Teniente de Fragata” (Lieutenant).

Jan 1981
Joins Aerolíneas Argentinas

Apr 1981
Type-rated on Boeing 747-200 as copilot

May 1982
Called back to active service, Malvinas (Falklands) War
Retrained for 2 weeks on the Aermacchi MB-326 to fly the A4Q

14 Jun 1982
War ends, returns to Aerolíneas Argentinas

Nov 1983-1988
First Officer – copilot Boeing 737-200

1 Mar 1988
Detached as copilot B-737 to Transavia for 8 month contract through PARC Aviation of Ireland

1 Nov 1988
Full time contract position with Transavia

Nov-Dec 1988
Return to Aerolíneas Argentinas to resign and move to NL

March 1990
Promoted to Captain B-737 with Transavia

Promoted to Instructor Captain

Receives the Dutch nationality for himself and his family while keeping the Argentine nationality

Promoted to Examiner

Nov-Dec 2003
Stationed in Bali, Indonesia by Transavia flying for Air Paradise International (API)

Dec 2007-Jan 2008
Stationed in Johannesburg, South Africa by Transavia flying for Kulula Airlines

Jan-Feb 2009
Stationed in Trinidad & Tobago by Transavia flying for Caribbean Airlines

22 Sep 2009
Arrested in Valencia, Spain during last flight for Transavia

1 Feb 2010
Pension with Transavia

5 May 2010
Extradited to Buenos Aires, Argentina, from Madrid, Spain

May 2010
His granddaughters Cristina and Emma are born in NL after his extradition

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