letter from Gerardo Ibáñez

October 2012 Dear all, we have repeatedly talked about the pressures that judges in Argentina receive from the Government, but you will agree with me that sometimes it is difficult to explain this to the Dutch because it is necessary to find specific examples and then relate them to these trials for alleged violations of … Read more

Poch as a guinea pig

Source Cariokaal blogspot.com 16/11/2011 Posted by Kieran Kaal at 8:55 PM There is an exuberant ambience at the Federal Courthouse in Buenos Aires. It is brilliant spring weather, weekend is approaching and the front pages of the local newspapers trumpet loudly that a few junta henchmen have received life sentences. I have come to talk … Read more

Marcos Paz, June 2011

June 19th, 2011 Dear Friends and Colleagues: All hope of JUSTICE has been shattered to pieces by the absurd indictment issued by judge Torres last june 9th!. It is clearly a political decision to continue accusing me regardles of the proof of my innocence. I am still trying to recover from the shock of this … Read more